Anete Bilzēna (in the above photo) is a business professional with experience in executive roles in the automotive and finance industries. Bilzēna has worked for Domenikss Ltd., General distributor for Mercedes-Benz, and Daimler Truck AG in Latvia and for the General distributor of Porsche in Latvia.

Bilzēna is an experienced professional who was looking to refresh her knowledge and upskill in new areas. On a personal level, she found it enriching to revisit an academic environment and challenge herself by studying alongside like-minded senior executives. 

According to Bilzēna, one of the benefits of the EMBA at SSE Riga is that she could pursue studies without taking a career break and immediately transfer her knowledge and the classroom theory into practice; being part of this programme means that students can add value to their companies straight away.

Classes comprise up to 30 students with a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. EMBA participants have had several years of management experience.

The multicultural and multi-industry nature of the students was another advantage. The great diversity of backgrounds and management levels among the students enhances the quality of the class discussions. Most of the learnings came from interactions with classmates who later became her friends and also business advisors. 

The skills and practical experience gained in the classroom, through case studies, live projects and business simulations have propelled her and other students’ careers in a new, exciting direction.

Bilzēna says, “I am confident that this experience and new understanding can provide a platform for entrepreneurs to launch new business ventures. The EMBA programme offers studies where everyone focuses on developing and refining the skills needed to be successful in a leadership role in whatever industry you are in. The return on investment and new mindset are worthwhile!” 

Teaching staff is composed of highly respected local and international lecturers and professors who value experience-based knowledge. The programme engages professors from the UK, the USA, Sweden, Hungary, Spain, Australia, and Canada, as well as from the Baltic countries.

Explore the SSE Riga Executive MBA programme and apply for studies by June 1, 2020.