Technology & AI for Executives (Consortium Programme)

February 6 | 09:00 – 17:00 (kick-off)
February 13-14 | 09:00 – 17:00
March 5-6 | 09:00 – 17:00
April 11-12 | 09:00 – 17:00 (in Helsinki)
May 9-10| 09:00 – 17:00
May 29 | 09:00 – 17:00 (wrap-up and final presentations)

SSE Riga, Strelnieku 4a & one module in Helsinki
EUR 3900 + VAT per person
EUR 9900 + VAT for 3 people
EUR 14900 + VAT for 5 people
Additional costs that cover participants' individual travel and accommodation costs for the Helsinki module are not included in the fee.

New Consortium

Master technologies, digital transformation, and AI to future-proof yourself! 

Many organizations and leaders see AI and Machine Learning as game-changers, capable of bringing about transformative changes. This comprehensive programme offers an exclusive opportunity to equip you with an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and development in technology and digital advancements at a time when low code, no-code, and Artificial Intelligence AI are transforming business models, innovation and business operations. Enroll today and take the first step towards a successful digital transformation journey!



According to the Harvard Business Review article AI Is Changing Work — and Leaders Need to Adapt by Martin Fleming: “The advent of AI poses new and unique challenges for business leaders. They must continue to deliver financial performance, while simultaneously making significant investments in hiring, workforce training, and new technologies that support productivity and growth.”

In today's rapidly evolving world, keeping up with the latest technological advancements has become imperative for organizations to remain competitive. However, many businesses face a challenge in integrating these new technologies into their operations effectively, which can leave them lagging behind their competitors.

As a leader, it is crucial to comprehend the potential of emerging technologies and to understand how to successfully integrate them into everyday operations and ensure maximum utilization for business. This programme helps executives to form a holistic comprehension of technology and AI, how it works and what to start with in practice, by equipping them  with the knowledge and skills required to lead their organizations through digital transformation and adopt new technologies to achieve their goals.

Who should attend

This programme is tailored for executives and professionals who are looking into implementing AI in practice and may be facing the following challenges:

  • The need to initiate a Digital Transformation or Technology project, and are considering outsourcing to professional services companies.
  • Previous experience with Digital Transformation projects that did not meet set expectations.
  • A desire to implement Digital Transformation in their company, but unsure where to begin or seeking to explore available options and opportunities.

Maximum value from this programme will be taken for these professional levels: 

  • Top management
  • Middle-management & field experts
  • Company owners


Igor Rodin, Partner Deloitte

Igor Rodin

Igor is partner in Deloitte AI and Data practice and lecturer in MBA and Executive MBA programs in Riga Business School and lecturer in Bachelor program in Riga Transport and Communications Institute; he teaches several courses, including AI and Strategy and Economics of AI, focusing at cross-section of AI technology and business transformation. He draws on his personal experience of large-scale deployments of AI with leading companies. His current projects in Deloitte include modernizing data infrastructure, building analytical and data platforms for large enterprises, industrializing artificial intelligence and analytics, developing and deploying AI strategies.

Edvins Elferts, Experienced Technology Consultant

Edvins Elferts

Edvins is a technical team lead working across the digital landscape. He is focusing on consulting and development of BI, Low Code, intelligent automation and AI solutions for clients in the Nordics. Edvins has 10 years of international experience in project management and digitalization, and with a deep understanding of operational excellence and change management in sectors such as healthcare, supply chain, FMCG, and education. Before recently returning to Latvia, he spent 7 years working in Australia & New Zealand with Siemens Healthineers being responsible for deployment of digital health platform, delivering digitalization and supply chain projects.

Edvins holds a BSc in Economics & Business from SSE Riga as well as numerious technical certifications related to data, analytics and AI domains.

Daniels Pavļuts, Multi-sector management professional

Daniels Pavluts

Daniels is a Latvian multi-sector management practitioner and over the course of his career has held a number of senior management positions in various industries and sectors, such as at Swedbank Latvia, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Latvian Startup Association. He has also served as a two-time government minister of Latvia. Alongside his managerial work Daniels has consulted companies and governments in Latvia, Baltic countries, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, and Kosovo. He has 15 years track record as business trainer and executive educator with Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Riga Business School (RTU), RISEBA, BA School of Business and other education providers. His areas of expertise are effective negotiation and dispute resolution, adaptive leadership, change and transformation management, collaboration in organizations and building resilient management teams. 

Rihards Garancs, Managing Director, Executive Education; Faculty Member, SSE Riga

Rihards Garancs

Rihards is the Executive Education Managing Director at SSE Riga and lecturer in undergraduate and Executive MBA programmes across the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Russia, and Hanken Executive Education in Helsinki. He is the Course Director of the Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis and Business & Leadership Skills courses. He is also the Topic Lead for Digital Transformation at the SSE Riga Institute for Strategy.

Rihards runs a consulting practice that develops Business Intelligence, Data Strategy, Data & Digital capability building solutions; he helps companies & their employees advance in business analytics using the latest digital tools.

Rihards holds a double degree MBA in HEC Paris and National University of Singapore, a BSc in Economics & Business from SSE Riga as well as Data Science certification.

Benefits for the organization

Your organization will:

  • Gain the specialist knowledge and capabilities required to reimagine their approach to AI, moving from a strategic goal to a practical tool.
  • Acquire professional frameworks to develop a culture of innovation and maintain a competitive advantage in the digital age.
  • Learn how new technologies impact current and future business growth prospects.
  • Gain practical solutions to address their greatest challenges, through the findings from your Final Integrative Assignment.
  • Benefit from participant diversity that encourages thinking beyond the bounds of individual organizations, sectors, and geographies.
  • Retain and develop top achievers and high-potential employees.

Your employees will: 

  • Gain knowledge and capabilities required to move from a strategic goal to a practical solution using the latest technology.
  • Be able to champion any technology implementation.
  • Get the necessary skillset & audacity to implement technological change in the organization.
  • Have the right mindset to find the next opportunities in the market. 
  • Learn how new technologies impact current and future business growth prospects.
  • Gain practical solutions to address your greatest challenges using technology.

Benefits for the participants

Learning outcomes & benefits for programme participants : 

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies and how they impact business operations.
  • Develop the skills required to lead your organization through the digital transformation.
  • Learn how to define your organization's current problems and vision and align them with technology solutions.
  • Create the skills and capabilities required to implement technology solutions effectively.
  • Develop a strategy to implement technology solutions that align with your organization's goals.


Part 1: Exploring Possibilities with Technology

  • Gain an understanding of the latest technology trends and their potential impact on business operations
  • Identify opportunities for innovation and digital transformation
  • Learn how technology can create competitive advantages


Part 2: Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence

  • Define AI & DT and understand its benefits to organizations
  • Understand the challenges and risks of digital transformation & AI
  • Develop a roadmap for digital transformation & AI


Part 3: Defining Organization's Current Problems and Vision

  • Learn how to define your organization's current problems and vision
  • Understand how technology solutions can address these problems and help achieve the organization's vision
  • Align technology solutions with the organization's goals and values


Part 4: Creating Skills & Capabilities

  • Discover the importance of developing skills and capabilities to leverage technology effectively
  • Assess your organization's current skills and capabilities
  • Develop strategies for acquiring skills and capabilities to implement technology solutions effectively


Part 5: Strategy Implementation

  • Develop a technology strategy that aligns with the organization's goals
  • Learn best practices for implementing technology solutions
  • Overcome the challenges of implementing technology solutions.


Mentoring is an integral part of the learning experience in this programme. Participants will be grouped together based on their individual goals and needs, and each group will be assigned a dedicated mentor who will provide guidance and support throughout the programme. With the help of their mentor, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the programme material and apply their learning to a practical action learning project.

Action learning project

The action learning project is a vital component of this programme. Participants will be required to put their knowledge and skills into practice as they work on their projects under the guidance of experienced mentors who will provide valuable feedback and support throughout the process. The end result will be a practical and effective plan that can be implemented to drive meaningful change and deliver measurable results for the company.

Participation fee

EUR 3900 + VAT, if one participant 

EUR 9900 + VAT, if 3 participants from one company

EUR 14900 + VAT, if 5 participants from one company

Please note, that additional costs that cover participants' individual travel and accommodation costs for the Helsinki module are not included in the fee.

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