Recruit Our Students

Recruit Our Students

SSE Riga has a reputation for producing driven high achievers, and there are many different ways they can work within your company. We can help you recruit an SSE Riga student!

You can advertise a vacancy or internship opportunity free of charge to Bachelor programme students.

As our students need to do an internship as part of their studies, we will gladly share your internship vacancies whith the first and second-year students.

In the first two study years, students are also looking for summer jobs, but in the final study year, they are ready to explore full-time positions.

Please send your offer in Word format and we will make it available to SSE Riga Bachelor programme students via the internal online platform. Remember to indicate your requirements, planned duties, and also the contact email address.

For more information, please contact Marina Troškova, BSc Programme Manager.

Marina Troškova
BSc Programme Manager, Career Development and Compliance. Read More