Quick Facts

The programme is designed especially for experienced managers and professionals.

  • Two-year module-based programme
  • Fifteen course weeks
  • One module at Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
  • One module in Asia - Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia
  • English as the language of instruction
  • Up to 30 students admitted per year
  • Accredited by the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science
  • Diploma of Executive Master of Business Administration issued by SSE Riga
  • Application deadline is June 1, 2020; academic year begins in mid-August 



The Executive MBA classes are comprised of around 25-30 students with various academic and professional backgrounds who both can contribute to and benefit from the programme through its unique experience of group synergy.

The Executive MBA programme offered at SSE Riga combines a focus on intellectual rigor with serious business training in a format that permits business executives to continue their studies while working.

This two-year module-based programme will broaden students’ existing knowledge in business administration, promote a professional career and provide global cooperation opportunities within the SSE Alumni network.


The programme involves professors from the UK, the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Croatia, Australia, and Canada, as well as from the Baltic countries.

Our team of international lecturers consists of professors who have extensive teaching experience as well as achievements in applied research and consulting.


Networking Opportunities

During the SSE Riga Executive MBA programme the students will form a network with like-minded individuals that will last a lifetime. 

As an SSE Riga Alumna/Alumnus, the graduate will join the network of SSE Riga Alumni and even wider network of SSE in Stockholm and SSE in Russia - an extensive network of more than 15,000 graduates in leading positions in business and government spread around the globe.

The SSE Riga Executive MBA programme was launched in 2002 and more than 300 individuals have been awarded an Executive MBA diploma from SSE Riga.



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