The primary mission of the library is to support the study programs and provide students with study materials.

The collection covers the main disciplines of business and economics and is comprised of more than 25 000 books. The library subscribes to over 100 titles of major national and international economics and business journals and newspapers and to a number of national and international online databases.

The library functions are fully automated, and an online catalogue can be used to locate books, Bachelor's and Master's theses. Registration is required in order to borrow books and other publications. There are two reading halls, computers, and copying and printing facilities available for readers.


IT support

There is one fully equipped computer room at SSE Riga. All students receive a username and password which is valid for computer access, email, wifi, e-learning, and printing.

Communication via e-mail is used extensively to connect students, administration and the faculty. Remote access to e-mail accounts is also available. Students are provided with free internet access, MS Windows software, the SPSS statistical program and access to the REUTERS database.

Wireless Internet connections are available for laptop users all main areas of the school. Academic support is provided through the school's e-learning platform, and all students have access to this resource.



The cafeteria provides students with hot meals, cold dishes, salads, drinks and snacks. It is located on the ground floor. The average meal costs EUR 4. The cafeteria is open Monday through Fridays.



Rooms at Strēlnieku Street 4a, which are used for lectures and independent study work, are available for people with mobility disabilities, and a special lavatory is designed to accommodate people with mobility disabilities (on the ground floor). It is possible to enter the building, the library and all study facilities independently; there is a spacious elevator on all floors of the building.


SSE Riga Student Residence Hall

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the SSE Riga Student Residence Hall to facilitate their integration in the student community. We offer newly renovated accommodation that is safe and secure, where students can sleep and study in comfort.

SSE Riga can offer twin rooms with two residence units (two single beds), and triple rooms with three residence units (three single beds) are also available.  Students can use a common room on each floor for studies, and there is wireless internet and kitchen facilities.

The dormitories are situated about 20 minutes by bus from SSE Riga. The price ranges from 100 - 160 EUR per month. Location of SSE Riga dormitories: Patversmes iela 22, Riga.



Students often choose to share the rental of an apartment. To find out more about the possibilities of sharing a room or an apartment with your peers from SSE Riga, please contact the SSE Riga Student Association at Please begin looking for accommodation early in advance!