Understanding Finances in Media

January 28, 2021; 14:00 - 18:00 EET

Online, Zoom platform

Crunching the numbers has never been easy. During this workshop in a very easy manner and easy to understand language we will discuss the numbers and finances as used in the media. While the main focus of media specialists is rarely purely centred on finances, the need to understand the numbers often becomes a daily routine e.g. planning and reviewing a company’s budget or preparing a budget for a project, comprehending the financial results of a company when writing an article or understanding the finances of a company for the investigative reasons.




Dr. Natalja Tocelovska - Financial Industry Consultant, Assistant Professor in Accounting and Finance

Natalja represents a unique combination of professional and academic backgrounds. She brings 15 years of experience in the largest finance and investment companies in the Baltics and is the only financial market professional to get the Nasdaq Best Broker Award two times in Latvia. Currently, Natalja is developing two companies: an IT development company and a business consulting company.

Dr. Tocelovska has 14 years of international academic experience as an assistant professor in accounting and financial economics subjects (universities in Latvia, Spain, and the UK). She has more than 20 peer-reviewed academic articles published and is the reviewer for academic journals.

Topics covered

  • Understanding financial statements. 

  • The need of planning financial statements: the elements of the Income statement and the Balance sheet, the fundamental difference between them;

  • What to consider and pay extra attention to for a company and a separate project. 

  • Elements of a budget.

Who should attend?

Media managers, editors, media project managers, journalists, who work in the investigation or with financial news of the companies.

Participation fee

EUR 150 + VAT

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