Students from various countries

SSE Riga attracts the brightest minds, mainly from the Baltic countries. However, in recent years, we have had more students from Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Russia. In addition - up to 45 international students each year join our community for an exchange semester.


International faculty

SSE Riga lecturers are well recognised experts in their chosen fields in the Baltics, Europe, and overseas. They are outstanding! For example, Morten Hansen (Denmark), Talis Putnins (Australia), Anete Pajuste (Latvia), Agnes Lubloy (Hungary) – they know how to put theory into practice and make every single lecture the best.


Various options for a financial aid

The SSE Riga Guaranteed Loan, with favorable conditions, is available for students to cover the tuition fee and/or living expenses. There are other options as well for financing your studies at SSE Riga, for example, SSE Riga merit-based grants and alumni scholarships.


One of a kind building

The school building will become your “first home” for three years. We believe that we have one of the most beautiful school buildings in Latvia. The doors are open 24/7 for our students. In the feedback from students on the study process at SSE Riga, the building and the atmosphere created by the combination of old and new architecture are always mentioned a one of the most important factors when the study environment at the School is discussed.


Hands-on education

Real-life experience is incorporated in the study process and in the programme content. Students get a good grip on business relations, meet start-up experts, and visit enterprises.


Student opinion counts

We really want to hear what our students have to say! We try to keep close contact and maintain a friendly connection between students and administration, which is only possible in a small community such as SSE Riga.


Foreign exchange semester

Each autumn 40-45 third year SSE Riga students leave for exchange for one semester. Undergraduates are encouraged to take this opportunity as it contributes heavily to personal development and ensures a wider professional perspective.


No additional cost

Students pay tuition fee and that’s the only payment that you have to make – you get books from the Library for each course and there is the best selection of books available in the best Economics and Business Library in the Baltics. For example, all students have daily electronic access to the Financial Times newspaper, including the newspaper's archives and the financial data it provides.


Best student life

Opportunities are plentiful at SSE Riga to develop yourself and your interests. A dozen organisations, clubs, and great annual events are organised by the students themselves. Days of Opportunities, Ifund, Debate Society, The Insider Magazine, Je Jou Creative Week – just to name a few.

Excellent employment record

The SSE Riga diploma is highly respected among employers. Majority of our graduates are employed within 2-3 months of graduation. Very often, students receive full-time job offers from their internship companies upon graduation.


A solid platform for further education

Our Alumni are well prepared to continue their studies in the best universities worldwide. For example, our graduates have entered the prestigious Harvard Business School, INSEAD in France, and London Business School.


‘The sky’s the limit’ attitude

Going through SSE Riga is not only about learning economics and business; it is also about gaining the right attitude and the courage to do bold things. SSE Riga is about creating a personality! Among the SSE Riga graduates, there are pilots, travelers, marathoners, movie directors, artists, politicians and more.


A supportive alumni community

The fact that every third alumnus has participated in the SSE Riga Alumni donation campaign, making the SSE Riga alumni community the most active supporters of their Alma Mater in Europe, shows how highly they value SSE Riga. Belonging to such a strong community gives you real confidence for your future. There is a great chance that even after graduation you will keep coming back to Strēlnieku 4a. Our alumni continue to engage in SSE Riga life through delivering lectures, taking part in projects and events, being student mentors and providing career opportunities to the next student generations.   


Great networking opportunities

SSE Riga has over 2000 alumni worldwide who now serve in virtually every profession, and our graduates work in more than 60 countries around the globe! Wouldn't you like to join this network?  The members of the Alumni Association also receive invitations to special alumni events!


And parties after all…

It is very simple – after hard study sessions, you deserve the best parties in the city! The SSE Riga Student Association really knows how to organise great parties.