Safety Training for Journalists

The Centre for Media Studies at SSE Riga in cooperation with the the Latvian Journalists' association, the Nordic Council of Ministers in Latvia and Global Journalist Security invite members of the Latvian Journalists' association to the three-day programme "Safety traning for journalists".

Monday 02/05/2016 - Wednesday 04/05/2016

SSE Riga, Strelnieku 4a

The programme will be offered free of charge and held in English.
Pease note that only members of Latvian Journalist Association will be admitted.

Content of the programme

  • Basic First Aid &  Dealing With Emergencies;
  • Travel Security;
  • Wounds & Bleeds;
  • Moving Through Mobs & Holds;
  • Handcuff 
  • Body Armor;
  • Personal safety training, health issues and evacuation techniques in war zones and zones of social unrest;
  • Understanding the threats, avoiding common mistakes and finding a proper vantage to cover the war without taking needless or unreasonable risks.



Paul Burton is training director for hostile environments and emergency first-aid for Global Journalist Security. Paul served as a British Army Sergeant Major in the elite 148 Commando unit, and as an instructor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst officer training school. After retiring from military service, Paul was a HEFAT or Hostile Environments and Emergency First-Aid Instructor for the U.K.-based Centurion Risk Assessment Services. He has trained hundreds of journalists, aid workers and others. Working on behalf of relief agencies and non-governmental organizations, Paul conducted reconnaissance, training and security escort missions in numerous hostile areas including Haiti, Indonesia, Argentina, Uzbekistan, Brazil, Cambodia, Venezuela, Kenya and Mexico. He has extensive experience and training in casualty treatment and assistance, jungle, arctic and urban warfare, and civil unrest. 

Shane Bell is a training specialist and expert for hostile environments, conflict areas and disaster situations for Global Journalist Security. Shane has been the Security and Medical Advisor for reputable international news organisations such as The New York Times and NHK of Japan as well as various non- governmental organisations active in conflict areas. Prior to his civilian engagements, he served in the Elite Commando Unit of the Australian Armed Forces, where he qualified as Demolitions, Amphibious and Urban Operations Supervisor, and later joined the Munitions Clearance Program with the US Department of Defense in Iraq. He has spent nearly a decade in the Middle East region, and worked with prominent media correspondents in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and Turkey during their coverage of recent conflicts. His experience and training skills include Emergency First Responder, protection against improvised explosive devices, urban warfare, counterterrorism, hostage situations and civil unrest as well as first response in disaster areas.


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