Workshop for Journalists: How to report on violence against women?

The Centre for Media Studies at SSE Riga invites journalists from Latvia to attend workshop on how to report on violence against women. The workshop will be led by award-winning Swedish journalist Kerstin Weigl.

9:30 - 15:30 Thursday 22/02/2018

SSE Riga, Room 607, Strelnieku 4a

In journalism women’s experiences of violence and rape has traditionally been rewarded with low status. These things are considered ‘private’ and ’family matters’, not as something of interest to the general public.

Kerstin Weigl is an investigative reporter and columnist employed at Aftonbladet, the leading newspaper in Scandinavia.

She is known for a unique study of all the women who have died in Sweden as a result of violence in close relationships during the 2000s. The several times rewarded investigation started eight years ago and is still ongoing. In 2015, she was presented the most prestigious journalism award in Sweden, Lukas Bonniers stora journalistpris, for her innovative reports on the hidden society problem with domestic violence.

Kerstin Weigl will tell why and how she eight years ago started a still ongoing investigation on women murdered by their husbands, boyfriends or ex-husbands that had a strong impact on Swedish society.

Her workshop will describe her method, the problems she faced and how she managed them. Through her many examples you will discuss and learn together how to cope with such a sensitive subject. How can I get the best information from police and authorities? How do I contact and interview victims? Should we publicize pictures of victims faces? There are many ethical dilemmas to be discussed and reviewed.

Translation into Latvian will be available.
Coffee break and lunch will be offered to participants. Please register below.


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