Open lecture by Joris Luyendijk: How to investigate groups who do not want to be investigated? A case study on Investment bankers

In this lecture Joris Luyendijk explains how he took full advantage of the new possibilities the Internet offers while developing a new perspective and tone of voice to talk to his sources as well as his readers.

13:00 - 15:00 Monday 25/09/2017

SSE Riga, Strelnieku 4a, Riga, Soros Auditorium

Earlier this decade Joris Luyendijk was asked by the Guardian to investigate the world of investment bankers in Europe's financial heart, the City of London. Bankers and banking staff who speak to reporters or investigators face instant dismissal. So how to open up a sector like this?

His results suggest that journalists and researchers can open up closed sectors such as finance provided they break with some very important assumptions governing journalism and research.


Joris Luyendijk, (Amsterdam 1971), worked as correspondent in the Middle East before turning his eye on the world of finance. He is the author of a number of books, the most recent of which is the European bestseller Swimming with Sharks about how bankers can live with themselves. After six years in London, Luyendijk has just moved back to his native Amsterdam with his family.

Photo by Jelmer de Haas


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