Alumni Event in Vilnius: Sex, drugs, and bitcoin – How much illegal activity is financed through cryptocurrencies

We are delighted to invite our Lithuanian graduates to the Alumni Event in Vilnius! Join us on Monday, February 19th at 18:00 for the presentation by SSE Riga Professor Tālis Putniņš.

18:00 Monday 19/02/2018

Vilnius, Corner Hotel, T.Sevcenkos 16, 1st floor, conference room Terra

Cryptocurrencies have grown rapidly in price, popularity, and mainstream adoption. Today, there are over 1,500 cryptocurrencies with value exceeding $500 billion, hundreds of “cryptofunds” and even bitcoin futures contracts traded on major US derivative markets. There is a dark side to this financial innovation - the anonymity that cryptocurrencies provide users makes them perfect for financing illegal activity such as online trade of drugs, weapons, forgeries, illegal pornography, terrorism, hacks, and even payment-for-murder! 

In this talk, professor Tālis Putniņš will shed light on this dark side.

Professor will discuss his recent research that develops new “forensic finance” methods to make sense of what happens on blockchains - methods that have attracted a lot of attention not only from the academic sector but also law enforcement agencies and regulators.  He will show the first-ever estimates of the scale and nature of the illegal activity that is financed through the largest cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and explain how “black e-commerce” is revolutionizing the market for illegal goods and services.

Professor Tālis Putniņš has been a faculty member at SSE Riga since 2010.  He teaches the Financial Economics course (for the 9th time this year), as well as an EMBA module in Financial Economics and has previously taught Finance Specialisation and Quantitative Research Methods.  He also holds a faculty position at the University of Technology Sydney, has been a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University and New York University, and regularly provides consultation to the private sector / government and serves as an expert witness in legal cases.

Two SSE Riga alumni will complement the presented topic:

Tadas Langaitis, Class of 1997
Member of Parliament in Lithuania. Politician and former investment banker, business angel and entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, civic activist.

Tadas Langaitis will talk about legislation/legal regulation of blockchain technologies in Lithuania.

Martins Liberts, Class of 2005  
Co-Founder and CEO of Debitum Network, Technology Entrepreneur, Public Speaker.
Martins Liberts will tell his experience with ICO (initial coin offering).

The event is open for SSE Riga alumni only.

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