Alumni event: Presentation by Girts Racko – What is the impact of SSE Riga on student value change?

Join us on Monday, September 18th at 6:00 pm for an evening conversation with Girts Racko.

18:00 Monday 18/09/2017

SSE Riga, Room 507

Topic: What is the impact of SSE Riga on student value change?

Businesses worldwide have increasingly aimed to attract personnel with the values that facilitate rational and flexible utilization of resources. Values are enduring normative beliefs about the desirable that motivate human behaviour. In organizations, values enable individuals to coordinate work based on shared goals and similar ways of identifying problems and solutions.

In the meeting with alumni, Girts Racko will discuss the results of his doctoral study that examined the impact of SSE Riga on student value change. 

This study was based on a two-year longitudinal survey of SSE Riga’s undergraduates and a comparison group of their academic counterparts from University of Latvia and Riga Technical University. He will discuss how students’ values are influenced by their enrolment in the undergraduate program in general and their interaction with study peers in particular. He will also consider the practical implications of student value change for career development.            

Dr Girts Racko is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the Warwick Business School (WBS), which he joined as an Assistant Professor in 2012. Prior to that, he worked as a Research Associate at the Cambridge Judge Business School (2009-2012) and the Sociology department of Cambridge University (2008-2009). He completed a doctoral program in Economic Sociology at Cambridge University (2004-2008). His doctoral research used longitudinal quantitative methodology to examine value transmission in SSE Riga as an agent of institutional innovation in a post-soviet economy. Dr Racko’s research has also focused on economic ethics, impact of bureaucratization on managers’ and professionals’ values, institutional entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer in healthcare, and occupational gender segregation in European labour markets. His research has been published in leading management and sociology journals. The research on occupational gender segregation has featured in Financial Times, BBC, and Bloomberg and, in general, has been publicised by media in more than 40 countries worldwide. At WBS, Dr Racko teaches courses on organizational behaviour, leadership, and quantitative research methodology. In term of teaching quality, he is ranked among the top 5 per cent of academics in WBS.        


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