Thursday 07/09/2017

The Peter Högfeldt and Anders Paalzow Scholarship offers two SSE Riga students the opportunity to study in Hong Kong and the USA

In summer 2017 we introduced, through a generous donation by Pär Sandå, the Peter Högfeldt and Anders Paalzow Scholarship for BSc students going on exchange outside the Erasmus area. Two scholarship recipients have already started their journey this autumn!

Thanks to this scholarship, third-year student Reinis Novickis (from Latvia) is studying at the College of Business, City University of Hong Kong.

“After spending only a week in Hong Kong, I feel confident that the following 4 months will provide a vast amount of opportunities to experience a completely different culture, explore the region of East Asia, and meet new people from all around the world,” Reinis says.

The same scholarship has provided the opportunity for Iryna Khomyak (from Ukraine) to go on exchange to the University of Kentucky, USA.

“The exchange semester in the US has given me the opportunity to look beyond what I’m used to and experience a completely different culture. It is not only about Fahrenheit and miles; it is also about people and their perception of the world,” Iryna adds.

Both students were awarded the scholarship of EUR 2500.

More information on the scholarship >

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