The Peter Högfeldt and Anders Paalzow Travel Scholarship
Monday 26/06/2017

The Peter Högfeldt and Anders Paalzow Travel Scholarship

SSE Riga is pleased to announce the Peter Högfeldt and Anders Paalzow Scholarship for B.Sc. students going on exchange outside the Erasmus area. 

The scholarship is donated by Pär Sandå as a way of paying tribute to the work of the late SSE Riga Finance Professor Peter Högfeldt and his cooperation with SSE Riga Rector Anders Paalzow in developing the course in financial economics at SSE Riga. As Pär Sandå puts it: “Peter and Anders have made a big impact on many people’s lives, and I want to thank them for their wonderful work.”  

Pär Sandå was one of Peter Högfeldt’s first students in finance at Lund University, Sweden, where Peter started his academic career and began developing what would eventually become the SSE Riga course in financial economics. 

The donation amounts to USD 5 000 per year. It may be divided into one or several scholarships. Preference is given to students going on exchange to North America, but students going to any non-Erasmus country are encouraged to apply.


For additional information, please contact:


Edīte Pauna
Student Affairs & International Co-ordinator

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