The Future Leaders Academy 2018 has begun
Tuesday 08/05/2018

The Future Leaders Academy 2018 has begun

The aim of the programme is to educate, inspire and develop the leadership potential of future Latvian political and community leaders aged 21 to 25 years.

The programme will run for five weekends (May - June 2018). The training will combine both theoretical and practical understandings of political ideology, will spotlight Latvian and global problems, and will focus on personal growth and development.

An inspiring first weekend of the programme transitioned into a reunion with the alumni of 2017 program and a warm reception at the Embassy of Sweden in Latvia (picture below). 

What do previous participants of the Future Leaders Academy have to say?

“It has helped me greatly to understand the current political dynamics in Latvia. The programme is very interdisciplinary – lectures covered such topics as the media, the environment, economics, globalization, corruption, and inequality.”

“The encouragement I received during the workshops and lectures inspired me to open up and talk to people who can make a difference and to fight for the things that I believe in.”

“This experience helped me shape my future plans and see my place in the world. Now I wish to learn more and contribute to the development of Latvia.”

The Future Leadership Academy are organized jointly by the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and the Embassy of Sweden, with support from the Swedish Institute. 

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