Monday 22/08/2011

Studies at SSE Riga have started

The study year at SSE Riga began on August 22. We all are happy to see the excited faces the new Y1 students and exchange students.

The student body is extremely diverse: Latvia – 62; Lithuania – 34; Estonia – 7; Moldova -9; Ukraine – 2; Georgia – 1; Belarus – 8.

In addition, 38 exchange students have arrived to experience one semester at SSE Riga. The first ice-breaking event for the Exchange Student Group for Fall 2011 took place in Jurmala on August 24th, and semester of intensive studies and active student life began.

The Exchange Programme adds to the multicultural experience at SSE Riga by welcoming 35 students from 11 different countries. We have exchange students from Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey, in addition to our student body from seven countries. Working in a multicultural environment has proven value for developing skills necessary for global management positions, and all SSE Riga students benefit from this cross-cultural exchange.

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