Monday 25/06/2018

A new examination format for the Strategy course brings students closer to the real corporate world challenges

Last week, Year 2 students finished Strategy, their last course of Year 2. This 100% case-based capstone course of our required curriculum challenges our students to start developing a general management perspective. To add a further hands-on perspective to our classes, a number of experienced alumni and other senior executives from businesses, discussed in the course joined classes as guest speakers.

The ultimate challenge in Strategy course this year was the inaugural Boardroom Exercise where students tried putting themselves into the shoes of executives and presented their strategies on ice cream, airlines, and media & entertainment to their Boards.

The Boards consisted of SSE Riga faculty members, members of the SSE Riga Foundation Board, and more than 35 SSE Riga alumni who came back to school to challenge our students’ thinking – we are truly grateful to all of them for their time and engagement!

Whilst it may be a while before Year 2s step into executive roles, we encourage them to start thinking like ones from the very beginning.

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