Tuesday 27/09/2011

SSE Riga visits Alumni in the UK

In mid-September, SSE Riga Alumni based in the UK organised the fourth networking event in London this year.

The SSE Riga Rector, Anders Paalzow, Alumni Relations Manager, Gita Grinberga, and the Head of the Economics Department, Morten Hansen attended the event. Alumni were informed about the new student body, current activities, future plans, and alumni involvement in the further development of SSE Riga. Morten Hansen gave a presentation with an update on the economic situation in the Baltic states. 

Vilma Midveryte, the Chairperson of the "SSE Riga Alumni Association UK" said  „I must say that SSE Riga representatives coming to London was a great sign of the School caring about alumni. Everyone who came was very much excited about this level of attention. I feel that this kind of approach is a winning approach, and all shared in the happiness and success of the alumni”.

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