Tuesday 03/04/2018

SSE Riga supports quality investigative journalism

Last week the Latvian Journalist Association (Latvijas Žurnālistu asociācija) presented the Annual Journalism Excellence Awards at SSE Riga for achievements in 2017 in seven categories.

One of the awards was presented to the magazine IR, who published a series articles containing transcripts of the so-called "oligarch talks". 

The Centre for Media Studies at SSE Riga along with the last years winner Arta Giga, presented the annual Editor-in-Chief award to Nellija Locmele (pictured) from IR magazine for her contribution to investigative journalism.

The Centre for Media Studies at SSE Riga has provided workshops and open lectures promoting quality investigative journalism since 2009. The Centre has presented some 60 highly interactive workshops/seminars and open lectures, held five three-day summer schools of investigative reporting, presented independent research within media-related areas, given seminars on media to economics students and built a library of journalistic books. Approximately 600 journalists have participated so far.

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