Monday 04/06/2012

SSE Riga supports first TEDxRiga conference in Riga

The first prestigious TEDxRiga conference is to be held in Riga, in the National Opera House, on June 14. The public will be addressed by more than 20 distinguished local and foreign speakers 

SSE Riga is one of the supporters of this conference. SSE Riga is where the idea of TEDxRiga was born and one of the organizers of the event, Māra Bukovska, is an SSE Riga graduate.

The TEDxRiga conference organisers have chosen to dive deeper into the process of the birth and evolution of ideas to touch the intangible art of doing. The conference consists of four sessions called ‘Science for Life’, ‘Creativity Beats the Capital’, ‘The Power of Diversity’ and ‘From Generation to Generation’. The speakers and performers represent a wide variety of fields such as economics, medicine, architecture, culture, arts, cognitive science and many more.

More information and registration can be found here >

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