Friday 09/03/2012

SSE Riga students won 2nd place in international student business case competition

SSE Riga students continue to perform successfully in business case competitions. The team “Gummy Bears” (Andrius Petronis, Marius Miškinis, Modestas Kižauskas and Paulius Jurgutis) from SSE Riga participated in and won second place in the international business case competition “Entrepreneurship Competition Vilnius" among teams from e.g. Italy, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary.  

A team from Hungary won first place, while another SSE Riga student, Laurynas Baršukaitis, participated in a mixed team with students from the UK, and won third place.

The final stage of the competition took place from the 29th of February - 3rd of March. Teams competed in the CELEMI simulation that lasted for two days and solved a business case which was provided by Civitta. The SSE Riga team was consistent in their performance, and took second place both in the preliminary and the final rounds.

The panel of judges consisted of experienced business professionals, including Lithuania's Minister of Finance.  This event was organised, for the 10thtime, by Vilnius University’s Faculty of Economics.

SSE Riga team "Gummy Bears” (above in the photo) 


Participants of the competition “Entrepreneurship Competition Vilnius"   9above in t

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