SSE Riga students present their research paper at an international conference at Georgetown University

SSE Riga students present their research paper at an international conference at Georgetown University

The Carrol Round is an annual academic conference on international economics that takes place in Washington, D.C., during the capital’s charming spring season, when cherry blossoms line the Tidal Basin. This year SSE Riga students Darya Labok and Filip Drazdou (Class of 2018) were invited to represent SSE Riga at the conference.

The permanent home for the conference is Georgetown University, the place where it originated, and two third-year SSE Riga students had the great privilege of participating in the 17th Carrol Round, presenting their SSE Riga thesis research paper in the field of development economics.

“Having listened to more than 20 student presentations during the conference and having read multiple theses by my SSE Riga peers, I was proud that the academic rigor and depth of our students’ research was at the level of leading American and European universities. The knowledge and the skills that SSE Riga students acquire within three years are comparable with the most selective international universities, such as Georgetown, Dartmouth, Warwick, LSE and others,” affirms soon-to-be-graduate Filip Drazdou.

Darya Labok continues: “During the conference, one of the most long-awaited moments for me was the dinner with George Akerlof, the Nobel Prize laureate in economics and the author of a beautiful economic theory of asymmetric information. It was also quite symbolic for me: in less than a month I am finishing my bachelor’s degree in economics and business; however, prior to SSE Riga, when I had my very first introductory classes on economics, an illustrative example of the well-known ‘market for lemons’ was among the first things I learned and never forgot.”

The SSE Riga students conclude that the seven-month thesis work was an immensely rewarding experience and the Carrol Round became a highlight of it.

“I am very grateful to SSE Riga and its high academic standards, which made it possible for us to qualify in the first place. We would like to thank our supervisor, SSE Riga Associate Professor Konstantins Benkovskis, for his invaluable feedback and support throughout the whole thesis writing process,” says Darya.

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