Monday 30/01/2017

SSE Riga students from Moldova meet the General Director of the Moldova Business People Association

On the 27th of February, Moldovan students at SSE Riga got the chance to meet the General Director of the Moldova Business People Association (MBPA), Andrei Crigan (in the photo). With experience in business consulting that extends over 10 years, A. Crigan gave students insights on up-to-date topics that concern their home country.

The discussion started with information on the new partnership between Moldova and Gateway Baltic, which is an international trade consultancy based in Latvia. The general director of MBPA then gave details on the future of Moldovan exports and Moldova’s links to its new partner – Latvia. Subjects of particular interest to Moldovan students were the changes in the educational system related to undergraduate studies, internship opportunities in Moldova and the ins and outs of getting a well-paid job.

The meeting was a success as students from all three study years were present and managed to get answers to questions related to changes in the Moldovan and Latvian markets, hence demonstrating and broadening the knowledge they have acquired so far in classes.

22 students from Moldova have graduated from the SSE Riga bachelor’s programme thus far and currently 23 students are studying at SSE Riga thanks to the generous support of the Swedish government through a special grant programme for students from Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia. The competition is very tough – for the 2016 incoming class, 8 grant recipients were chosen from 77 Moldovan applicants.

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