Wednesday 26/04/2017

SEB Latvia awards two scholarships to SSE Riga bachelor’s students

Recently SEB Latvia awarded SSE Riga students Reinis Frēlihs and Oskars Daugavvanags with scholarships of 5000 EUR each. SEB is a long-term partner of SSE Riga and has actively contributed to its development since the very beginning in 1994.

Ieva Tetere, Head of SEB:
"SSE Riga and SEB have special ties, because we have contributed to the creation of the School and supported it along its path of becoming the best business school in the Baltics. The goal of the SEB scholarship is to benefit society by supporting individuals with a high potential." 

Ander Paalzow, Rector of SSE Riga:
“We are indeed very happy to see this new development in terms of cooperation between SEB and the SSE Riga Alumni Association for the benefit of SSE Riga and its students. What I like in particular is that the scholarship has a special feature that adds substantial value – it also comes with a mentor from the SSE Riga alumni network.”

Māris Simanovičs, President of the Alumni Association:
"We are very grateful for the support that SEB has provided. Company support of students is one of the most effective ways for a university to cooperate with entrepreneurs. The scholarship benefits the student not only in monetary terms, it also ensures that he/she is benefiting personally from the internship opportunities and the mentor experience. I hope that this is another step towards keeping bright minds here in the region and that it will be a good foundation for further collaboration between SSE Riga and SEB.”

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