Passion for business grows at SSE Riga
Wednesday 05/07/2017

Passion for business grows at SSE Riga

StartUp Passionis a project where people from different countries have the opportunity to enlarge their network and develop ideas (or even create them from scratch). The bootcamp was held at SSE Riga in the last week of June, 2017.

This was already the 4th stage of the StartUp Passion project in 2017. During this week, more than 75 international students from Finland, Estonia and Latvia continued the work on their startup projects that was initiated in March during the Hackathon in Ikskile followed by the kick-off in April in Tallinn.

The aim of the event was to boost idea development through an extensive training and coaching programme provided by experienced professionals. In addition to teams developing prototypes of their products and services and continuing to validate their solutions with prospective customers, the bootcamp also featured lectures on subjects suggested by participants – lean product development, content marketing, sales and startup funding.

It was a pleasure to see how participants from different teams were helping each other with advice. Moreover, two teams (RainyArt and TransferWise) that had established their companies beforehand with the help of StartUp Passion came to share their experience and answer any questions the participants of 2017 had.

There were also keynotes speeches by successful entrepreneurs as well as a study visit to Madara Cosmetics factory.

The bootcamp culminated with a pitch competition before an international jury of entrepreneurs and investors. The competition was tough and there could only be one winner, which turned out to be the team with idea of Grid Wallet – offering a marketplace for households for efficient trade of their solar energy.

So now everyone is excited about the next stages of the competition, which will take place in Tallinn and Helsinki!

There were both experienced participants and new teams!


The BBQ party took place on the first official day of the bootcamp in order to create friendship and trust among the competing teams.


However, the BBQ party wasn’t the only “extracurricular” event during the bootcamp. Visiting Jump Space (a place full of trampolines and joy) was totally worth it. Teams not only had fun, but also took a rest from the demanding (in a good way) StartUp Passion programme.


The guided tour to Madara Cosmetics wasn’t just about listening to an interesting presentation by Uldis Iltners (one of the company’s founders). The participants had a chance to take a look at the production process with a very detailed explanation and buy some products at a “factory discount”.


“Pizza Break” was the last “extracurricular” activity at the bootcamp. On the day before the final pitches, all participants came together once again to discuss non-bootcamp topics.


But it’s not over yet – there are still 3 stages left until we know who won the Grand Prix of StartUp Passion in 2017.

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