Sunday 02/10/2011

New Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship Policies

The Handbook covers the various facets of entrepreneurship policies in Central and Eastern Europe and will prove invaluable for academics, students and researchers of entrepreneurship and small business, as well as those involved in policy studies.

Handbook Of Research On Entrepreneurship Policies In Central And Eastern Europe 

The Handbook explores the role of government in the development of entrepreneurship in countries where, twenty years ago, private enterprise was illegal or barely tolerated. This Handbook includes up-to-date information and analysis as to how entrepreneurship policies have evolved throughout Europe, focusing on the challenges that arise in designing and implementing entrepreneurship policies.

The editors of the book are Friederike Welter and David Smallbone. The book was released in 2011.  Dr. Friederike Welter holds the TeliaSonera Professorship at SSE Riga.

SSE Riga assistant professor Dr. Arnis Sauka, together with Friederike Welter, contributed a chapter to the Handbook about the difficulties with entrepreneurship policies in the Latvian context.

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