Monday 07/11/2011

Junior Peak Time 2011 Winner Paulius Urbonas!

Competition for Baltic high school students "JJjunior Peak Time 2011" is over
The winners are:
1st place - Paulius Urbonas
2nd place - Toms Niparts
3rd place - Ruta Gabalina



Junior Peak Time is a competition aimed at Baltic high school students interested in business and economics. Junior Peak Time gives students the possibility to compete for an alternative assessment of their analytical thinking, decision-making, data-management and English language skills.The competition extends one’s borders in the sense of know-what and know-how by providing the most talented students new information connected with business and economics, and afterwards providing a ground for applying this knowledge in practice. It involves participants from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and is organized in close cooperation with SSE Riga.


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Junior Peak Time

The competition consists of two rounds: An online preliminary round and the finals in Riga.

The 40 best students were invited to come to the two-day finals at SSE Riga from November 5-6th, 2011.