Monday 16/10/2017

In the media: Assistant Professor Zane Vārpiņa explains demographic challenges which Latvia will be facing by 2030

Unfortunately, the prognosis indicates that about eight thousand people will continue to leave Latvia every year. This alarming fact has been discussed in the Latvian media.

SSE Riga Assistant Professor Zane Vārpiņa on Latvia's future: "We will have a different society, it will be smaller and much older. This is a fact that must be considered, and there will be things that will have to be done differently. The effects will emerge in all spheres – in the economy, in production, in the education system. The school system will have fewer children and this will also painfully affect higher education institutions.”

“We will need more health care for people over 80 years of age. It is believed that for people aged 80+ the need for care is growing very rapidly. The number of such people will increase by 20 thousand in the next 13 years. Meanwhile, according to calculations by the Ministry of Health, in the next five years, the health system will be short of at least one thousand doctors and 3 thousand nurses,” continues Vārpiņa.

 SSE Riga Assistant Professor Zane Vārpiņa featured in TV programmes on this topic:

Zane Vārpiņa holds a PhD in demography from the University of Latvia and has an MSc in mathematical economics from the University of Latvia. Zane has broad research experience at the Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies (BICEPS). Her main research interests include higher education and demography.

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