Improve your negotiation skills with one day training in October
Friday 25/08/2017

Improve your negotiation skills with one day training in October

On October 12th, Dmitry Yuskovets will lead the Latvian-language Business Negotiations programme.

Dmitry Yuskovets is a graduate of the SSE Riga bachelor programme. Dmitry has more than 15 years of management experience and for many years he has worked in the pharmacy industry.

As a lecturer he has worked with clients like GazpromNeft, airBaltic, Citadele, Rietumu banka, Accenture, Grindex, Prudentia.

“The secret of true strength in most negotiations is quite straightforward – you should know exactly what you are going to do if this particular negotiation fails. In other words – have a strong alternative to whatever you are negotiating for and be ready to use it. This will give you very real power to feel confident in the toughest of bargaining situations. Working to create or improve your alternatives should become your main job away from the negotiation table. If you succeed – one day your alternatives will be so good that you won’t even have to negotiate!”

Programme participants will better understand the complex dynamics involved in negotiation and will learn effective influence tactics and negotiation strategies.

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