The Class of 2018 will graduate on June 9
Tuesday 05/06/2018

The Class of 2018 will graduate on June 9

On Saturday, June 9th, we will witness 100 Bachelor students and 25 Executive MBA students crossing the stage to accept their SSE Riga diplomas!

Bachelor students have passed 26 core courses, 2 specialisation courses, and several elective courses; they have experienced an exchange semester and 2 internships, read so many books and articles that it is impossible to count… and as true SSE Rigans they also did manage to party in between!

A cohort of experienced Executive MBA students brought professional insight and talent to the classroom, handling work and studies at the same time for two years.

They have all worked hard for this moment – let’s cheer for them this Saturday!

The graduation ceremony starts at 14:00 at Riga Congress Hall.

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