Facts and Figures about SSE Riga

SSE Riga was founded in 1994 in order to provide state-of-the-art education in business and economics that would contribute to the economic development of the Baltic States.

A truly international school

  • The 130 brightest students from 8 countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Russia) are admitted to the bachelor’s programme every year + 45 incoming exchange students every semester
  • SSE Riga is known for uniting students from the Baltics and Eastern Partnership countries
  • Three-year studies in economics and business with professors from Latvia, Sweden, the USA, Germany, Australia, France, Denmark and other countries worldwide



SSE Riga students are very attractive to the business community and most secure jobs before they graduate
* Data about graduates of Class of 2015

  • Around three-quarters (75%) receive a job offer even before graduation; many receive two to four job offers before graduation
  • 20% receive a job offer after proving their skills during summer internships
  • 6 months after graduation 90% are employed; some continue with their education or just take some well-deserved time off
  • 50% of recent graduates work in finance & economics departments; 21% are employed in sales & marketing departments
  • 40% of graduates start their careers as analysts, while 24% already take on leadership roles
  • The most popular industry is banking & finance, followed by auditing & consulting and wholesale & retail
  •  Four-fifths (80%) are satisfied with their current placement




Alumni contribution to the economic development
 *Data about graduates from Latvia (1996 until 2014)

  • 10 years after graduation almost every third BSc graduate from Latvia leads and/or owns a company in Latvia
  • In total there are 463 companies in Latvia that are led or owned by an SSE Riga BSc graduate
  • The most popular industry is consulting, in particular, business consulting services, followed by communications (mostly software programming), wholesale & retail of very different product categories, real estate management, and finance & insurance
  • 13 out of the 100 largest companies in Latvia are led by an SSE Riga BSc graduate
  • The total turnover of all 463 companies that are led or owned by an SSE Riga BSc graduate is 5.20 billion EUR (in 2015), and the total number of employees at these companies exceeds 20 thousand
  • Five BSc graduates are on the management boards of the top 10 largest companies in Latvia
  • Our alumni work in 60+ countries worldwide



Students are more than satisfied with the education quality 
 *Data about current 1st year students

  • More than half of Year 1 students (54%) say that studies at SSE Riga have exceeded the expectations that they initially had
  • The factors that students are the most satisfied are: quality of the faculty; opportunities for personal development; willingness to help and openness of faculty; teaching methods

SSE Riga General Presentation

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