Wednesday 02/05/2012

Ex Ed Networking Night – Green Used to be a Color

On April 13, 2012 a SSE Riga Executive Education Networking Night took place. This time, Aldo Kroese from Amsterdam Art Academy talked about a concept of sustainability from a perspective of art – Green Used to be a Color.  

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“The concept of sustainability has changed from an environmental measurement into a business model. Green is no longer a colour. It is a concept that can be applied to whatever you do, where ever you are.”

In his lecture, Kroese took the audience on a visual journey through Land Art, Recycling, Repairing, Advertising, Greenwashing, Guerilla Gardening and Conceptual Art.

Event was organized in cooperation with Netherlands Embassy in Riga.

SSE Riga Executive Education Networking Night is a special event for clients of SSE Riga's Executive Education programmes, and the invited guests are from business and state institutions as well as from NGOs.

Networking Nights facilitate interesting discussions on values and knowledge relevant for business, professional and private life. The event takes place two to three times a year. The previous speaker was Olympic Judo Champion Gella  Vandecaveye from Belgium. 

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