Saturday 28/04/2012

Creaent Event in Stockholm, Sweden

Latvian creative entrepreneurs, and Baltic, Finnish and Swedish creative industry representatives participated in a networking event which took place from 19–20 April in Stockholm, Sweden.

The event was very well attended, with approximately 78 participants from various creative fields and organisations. The most well-represented branch of entrepreneurs from the creative fields were the designers, but there were also other industries represented such as advertisers, architects, event promoters, creators, photographers etc., who were sharing experiences and gaining new ones.

The most important aim for the event, apart from networking and the opportunity to get to know more about the entrepreneurial backstage for creative industries in Sweden was participation in the workshops. Workshop topics included “The Afternoon Tea with Anna Linton” and “The Networking Workshop”. The other main activities were lectures on scalability in creative ventures and on the forces and sources behind Creative Entrepreneurship. The lecture which was ultimately the most well-received had the unusual title of “Make enemies with SNASK”. All these events were facilitated by locally well-known Swedish creative entrepreneurs and lecturers from SSE and the SSE Business Lab.

SSE Riga, as one of the project partners, organised the participation of the Latvian creative entrepreneurs, including fashion and industrial designers, artists, entertainers, film makers, project and event managers, and advertisers, and also representatives from the SSE Riga Business Lab.

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The CREAENT project provides young people and students of the creative industry sector with better knowledge and competence to become entrepreneurs.   More about the project >