Wednesday 25/04/2012

Citizenship Award 2012 to be presented April 26th

The awards ceremony for the Citizenship Scholarship 2012, launched by the consulting alliance of Civitta and Innopolis, will take place at SSE Riga on the 26thof April.  

The main aim of the scholarship is to recognise students for their extraordinary contributions to society.

The ceremony will include a speech by the founder of Civitta, Adam Saulius Vaina, a guest speech by Aleks Blumentals, who has significant experience in societal projects from all around the world, the award ceremony itself, and a social event.

The organising team was happy to see that students are greatly involved in citizenship activities in society; this involvement was manifested by the large number of strong applications that were received. It is hoped that the tradition of the Citizenship Award will continue in the future. 

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