Monday 12/03/2012

Business Development Lab announces a scholarship award for Year 1 students

The aim of the Business Development Lab (BDL) is to promote entrepreneurship among SSE Riga students, and this year thanks to successful involvement in international projects we are able to allocate some resources to reward the most active SSE Riga students for their performance and involvement.

We want to encourage you all to strive for new achievements in personal growth and contribution to the SSE Riga community, so we are looking for students who would be proud flag bearers of SSE Riga entrepreneurial spirit. The total scholarship size is 1200 Euro.  

The scholarship will be awarded based on comprehensive evaluation taking into account

  • Academic performance
  • Involvement in SSE Riga projects related to entrepreneurship and business as well as own startups
  • Financial need

The procedure will be as follows:

  • Prepare a personal statement, emphasizing what have you achieved and where have you been involved during studies in SSE Riga
  • Include recommendations from your supervisors/ leaders of projects or anyone else who can evaluate your involvement
  • Include a statement on financial circumstances

Send this package to by 22nd March.

A committee consisting of a representative from the SSE Riga administration, the BDL Coordinator and an alumnus representing the SSE Riga Alumni Association will evaluate the applications and decide on precise number of receivers taking into account the total value of scholarship. The results will be announced during the Days of Opportunities.

BDL encourages you to think about starting your own business project; you can apply for the BDL membership and receive internship approval for working on your own business projects as well as access to workspace and mentor support. 

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The mission of the SSE Riga Business Development Laboratory is to promote entrepreneurship and support young entrepreneurs in their actions with knowledge, information and interactive experiences.