Articles by SSE Riga Assistant Professor Xavier Landes in French media

Articles by SSE Riga Assistant Professor Xavier Landes in French media

SSE Riga Assistant Professor Xavier Landes has published a tribune in online magazine Slate France (in French) entitled "Jean-Luc Mélenchon's Baltic Obsession" (L'obsession balte de Jean-Luc Mélenchon) where he is engaging the position of Jean-Luc Mélenchon on the Baltic States. 

Jean-Luc Melenchon was France's presidential candidate in 2017 and he is also the leader of one of the main French political parties "La France Insoumise" (Unbowed France).

At several occasions, Mélenchon suggests that all frontiers with Russia should be renegotiated, that the Baltic States are not part of Europe and that he didn't feel any duty of solidarity with them (and France should not).

In the tribune, Landes criticizes Mélenchon by showing that historically, the Baltic states have strong ties with Europe, going back to the Middle-ages. He is also pointing at the current political situation of mounting tensions between Russia and Baltic states, arguing that Mélenchon might contribute to regional instability (as Trump did with his campaigns declaration about not respecting the principle of collective defense (art. 5 of the NATO Charter) in case of aggression of the Baltic states).

Finally, he claims that something broader and more important is at stake in the Baltics: the future of the European Union as a political entity. 

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Xavier Landes is an assistant professor at SSE Riga. After studying economics, political science and philosophy, Landes got his Ph.D. in philosophy from Université de Montréal in 2008. He has worked at various institutions such as Université de Montréal (CRE), the University of Toronto (Centre for Ethics), the University of Copenhagen, Université Catholique de Lille, and Institut d'Études Politiques de Lille. His fields of specialization are political philosophy and normative economics with an emphasis on business ethics, happiness and the welfare state. His present project at SSE Riga is to determine the moral obligations of public and private institutions, mostly the state, corporations and markets, in relation to well-being and sustainability.


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