Third-year student Reinis Beķeris has been awarded the Anders Wall 2017 scholarship
Monday 27/03/2017

Third-year student Reinis Beķeris has been awarded the Anders Wall 2017 scholarship

The 36th Anders Wall Award Ceremony took place in Stockholm on March 10th. This year’s Anders Wall scholarship was awarded to SSE Riga student Reinis Beķeris, who received the grant of SEK 75 000. 

The Anders Wall Foundation awards scholarships annually to young talents in the fields of research, young entrepreneurship, international studies, and culture in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic States. Each year, one Year 3 student from SSE Riga is awarded with an Anders Wall scholarship.

The Anders Wall Foundation also offers excellent opportunities for contacts and regional networks. The Wallumni network, which includes recipients of the Anders Wall scholarship, organizes regular meetings and international study trips.

“Every year the Wallumni network organizes a business model competition for Baltic students after which they nominate a few candidates for the Anders Wall scholarship, and this year I was lucky enough to become a part of the network. During the finance specialization course, SSE Riga Associate Professor and earlier recipient of the Anders Wall scholarship Anete Pajuste told us that the Wallumni network evaluates not only the business model, but also the overall entrepreneurial spirit of the candidates, and that sold me,” reveals SSE Riga student Reinis Beķeris (in the photo).

He continues: “In short, my business model is a platform that would employ university students to work on problems or case studies submitted by companies during the university courses. For me, the SSE Riga study experience was most valuable when I could apply the knowledge to existing issues, and there are so many managerial issues out there that schools and companies can provide us with a constant stream of such case studies. What if I could streamline the process, by allowing schools to forget about approaching companies and developing everything from the ground up every single time? I designed such a process and pitched the idea to SSE Riga Wallumni. A few of my other selling points were: the number of small businesses I have attempted and the effort to re-establish the SSE Riga Investment Fund’s portfolio, which is currently the only student-run investment portfolio in the Baltics and possibly even Eastern Europe.” 

Reinis encourages other students to apply for the scholarship next year: “My suggestion for SSE Riga students is to make a decent effort to become a part of the Wallumni network – the experience and contacts I gained during my visit in Stockholm are priceless! And of course, the Anders Wall scholarship will help me greatly to either develop my idea further or continue my studies.”

More information about the Anders Wall Foundation and its activities can be found at:

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