Friday 06/10/2017

Alumni event: Discussion on K-12 education in Latvia

On October 4th, an alumni event took place at SSE Riga to address specific K-12 educational practices and strategies. K-12 is a term used to talk about education from kindergarten to the 12th grade.

The event started with a warm welcome from Rector Anders Paalzow and continued with presentations by three SSE Riga alumni – Kārlis Andersons (Class of 2004), Anete Pajuste (Class of 1997) and Igors Grigorjevs (Class of 2009) – who all have professional experience within the education field.

First, Kārlis Andersons, the CEO of Iespējamā misija (Mission Possible), spoke about the importance of teachers and how Iespējamā misija contributes to teacher development.

Then Anete Pajuste, Associate Professor at SSE Riga and former Board Member of the International School of Riga, shared experiences from the international school system in which the development of soft skills, such as respectfulness and collaboration, is as important as (or, in early years, even more important than) acquiring academic knowledge.

Finally, Igors Grigorjevs, the Director of Ogre’s Secondary School No. 1, underscored the inexorable necessity of integrating children with different abilities and behavior within the same class, and highlighted the challenges and opportunities created by this.

After the presentations, participants engaged in a lively discussion about different topics related to K-12 education and its challenges. Afterwards, alumni concurred with the idea of continuing such events and were eager to suggest future topics.  

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