Advice for prospective students from recent graduates of the SSE Riga BSc programme
Tuesday 14/11/2017

Advice for prospective students from recent graduates of the SSE Riga BSc programme

If you are still in doubt whether the SSE Riga Bachelor Programme in Economics and Business is the right choice for you, perhaps these tips and reflections* from recent graduates, representing the Class of 2017 and the Class of 2016, will help you to decide. 

I think that studies at SSE Riga are great, because they do not limit your later career choices. They shape your knowledge, but after graduating you can still choose almost any field you are interested in and develop your career. I believe this is extremely important in the current ever-changing environment, where some of the things you are learning may be outdated or useless after you graduate. SSE Riga helps you understand the logic and reasoning behind certain processes, which is extremely helpful later on, while adjusting to different environments and industries.


It is the best education if you want a career in the Baltics. The investment pays off. At the end of this year, I will already be able to repay half of my 10 500 EUR student loan.


If you want to earn a lot after graduation: 1) focus on getting powerful people behind your back via internships or the School’s events/programmes 2) focus on getting smart – go that initial mile to be better than your peers (for example, many of us are great with finance, but those who are also pro in Excel and programming are superior) 3) have a great personality, be likable, have great organization and presentation skills. Good luck!


Take from studies as much as you possibly can, because you do not know in which field you will find your future job.


In order to make the most of your time at SSE Riga, you need to strike a perfect balance between studies, extracurriculars, and later work-related activities. Keep an open mind and do your best to succeed in each of these three domains.


Make sure to use SSE Riga networking benefits as they not only might provide you with career opportunities, but also may be used for acquisition of new practical skills.


Don't overthink whether to join SSE Riga or whether you are the right fit; this is the best education in the region, but most importantly, it is a community that anyone who plans to live and do business in Riga should strive to be a part of!


Your development during your time at SSE Riga will only depend on your self-motivation. The School provides all of the instruments for you to grow, but how efficiently you use them depends only on yourself.


* Quotes are anonymous since they are submitted during the SSE Riga Placement Survey of BSc programme graduates, which is anonymous.


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The BSc programme provides a broad education in economics and business administration, with opportunities for specialization in the final year in any two of the following areas: Economics, Finance or Retail.




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