Friday 23/03/2012

"Dienas Bizness" highlights Bachelor's research by Bērziņa, Derjabo

Newspaper “Dienas Bizness” published the article on SSE Riga students Daina Bērziņa and Ineta Derjabo's Bachelor’s paper “Creative Success: In Search for Synergy of Advertising, Competencies and Education”. Their main conclusion is that the ability to assess risk is what sets apart successful advertising agencies from less successful ones.  

They share their experiences in writing the paper,  and their research into the competencies of six Latvian advertising agencies. Arnis Sauka, lecturer at SSE Riga, praises the work, saying that this is quality research on creative industries, which could definitely interest  the industry professionals in Latvia.  

Download the article (in Latvian language) >

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