Friday, 18/05/2018

Despite stable economic growth, the shadow economy in Latvia has increased by 1.3 percent

The results of the “Shadow Economy Index for the Baltic Countries”, presented on May 16th by the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga), show that the shadow economy in Latvia has increased despite economic growth in 2017. When expressed as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP), the shadow economy reached 22% in Latvia and 18.2% in Lithuania and Estonia in 2017.

Monday, 23/04/2018

SSE Riga researchers have estimated the size of the shadow economy in Moldova and Romania

SSE Riga researchers have recently published the first Shadow Economy Index for Moldova and Romania and hopefully this will contribute not only to an informed policy discussion on the issues of the size and scope of the shadow economy, but also to putting the shadow economy and how to fight it higher up on the national economic policy agendas for the benefit of Moldova and Romania.

Number of Incoming Spring 2018 exchange students

Altogether 45 exchange students from 23 universities have arrived at SSE Riga in Spring 2018. The majority of exchange students primarily come from our partner institutions in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Norway, we are also delighted to host students from Hong Kong and Russia.