Thursday, 15/03/2018

Evija Mehra (Class of 1998) – 20 years later, from beauty products to natural wines

Evija Mehra (Evija Ručevska when she graduated from SSE Riga in 1998) has had a truly international career – she went on from accolades (honours and dean’s list) in Riga to the Norwegian Business School for a master’s degree, to plunging into cosmetics and beauty product marketing with L’Oreal as the only Latvian/Baltic person to be picked from 400 Norwegian applicants.


Morten Hansen: 20 years of teaching applied economics to business students

Morten Hansen, the head of the Economics Department at SSE Riga, shows up for a chat at Café Osiris in Riga after being gently deceived and summoned to the School’s premises for some kind of sudden meeting. There was no meeting – his colleagues surprised and congratulated him on 20 years of teaching at SSE Riga, almost as long as the School (which started in 1994) has been around.


Pavel from Kohtla-Järve has a “crush” on household trash

Pavel Russinov is a mechanical engineering student from Kohtla-Järve who was among the first participants in a Venture Camp organized in Estonia along the lines of the Riga-Cambridge Venture Camp, where SSE Riga was one of the sponsors. Pavel was selected from among course participants in an informal entrepreneurship education program last year to go on for more training and mentoring at the University of Cambridge in Britain in January 2017.


Martins Mellens – working with the best and the boldest in Dubai

Martins Mellens graduated from SSE Riga in 2005 and proceeded to successfully go nowhere, to not even leave the part of Riga where the School is situated for several years. Now he has been working in Dubai for several years and looking, in the medium to long term, to come back to Latvia to promote entrepreneurship.

True meritocracy leads away from contempt of the elite

Text by Lars Strannegård 

In today’s society there is a strong belief in meritocracy – where it is ability rather than birthright or material resources that represents the fairest basis of selection. Nonetheless, in practice, power is often allocated precisely in accordance with aristocratic and plutocratic criteria.


Taking the road less travelled from SSE Riga to a doctorate

Marta Khomyn, who graduated from SSE Riga in 2014, can probably match some of her globetrotting classmates in places she’s been and things she has done. But unlike many SSE Riga grads, who tend to move quickly into middle management or form startups, Marta’s “check-ins” in Stockholm, Innsbruck, Washington, DC, and Sydney, Australia, have mainly been academic.


Jānis Skrastiņš – from SSE Riga to academia in the US and research in Brazil

Jānis Skrastiņš, a 2007 SSE Riga graduate, started off by doing what most graduates do – he worked in the private sector in banking and finance to test the skills he had learned. But unlike many other graduates from the mid-2000s who did the same and are now middle or even top managers or running a start-up, Jānis ended up as an Assistant Professor of Finance at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, in the US.

Wednesday, 07/12/2016

Address by Peter Greste at the Freedom of the Press Act celebration event

To celebrate the anniversary of the Freedom of the Press Act, which was introduced in Sweden and Finland 250 years ago, the public debate "Marking 250 years of Freedom of the Press" was held on December 1st at SSE Riga with the participation of guest of honour Peter Greste – the Al Jazeera journalist, who was charged with ‘damaging national security’, accused of supporting a terrorist organization and spent 400 days in a Cairo prison.