What Our Executive MBA Graduates Say

What Our Executive MBA Graduates Say

The SSE Riga Executive MBA programme was launched in 2002, and from the past years we have 296 alumni. We have been honoured to work with Executive MBA students from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway,  the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK, Croatia, Spain, Israel, India, Canada, the USA etc.

Among the top industries represented by our alumni are Finance and Banking, IT and Telecommunications, Retail, Wholesale and Services , and Production and Construction. Over the years, and especially in the last few years, we have seen more graduates from the logistics and transportation, energy, and real estate sectors as well as graduates involved in legal services and the pharmaceutical industry.

Executive MBA classes at SSE Riga have been greatly inspiring and contributed to the further development of my entrepreneurial skills. It also gave me an opportunity to expand my network of business contacts. It has been a brilliant experience!

Zelma Diana Vidina
Co-owner/Managing Director, Ad Verbum, Latvia

The course includes interesting tasks that are of great value. Both gaining new knowledge and sharing experiences and networking are advantages of this course. However, it isn’t as easy it sounds and that is great too!

Mikus Lācis
CEO, Board member, B&B Tools Latvia SIA

My course with SSE Riga was the perfect opportunity to enlarge my contact network with senior executives. Spending a few days every month with a group of talented managers and professors in a way reloads both your academic and very practical skill sets.

Andris Laucins,
Partner/Advisory leader Central & South-East Europe
Ernst & Young Baltics SIA, Latvia

The right investment at the right time! During our Executive MBA programme we were professionally taught how to lead the process of change in our respective companies. Then, due to the severe economic crisis, each of us gained a real opportunity to implement our acquired knowledge in real life. Thanks to this course and the profound knowledge I gained in it, our company has got through this tough period and maintains its successful path of development on its way to prosperity in the near future.

Maria Karpova
Board Member of “Alida turs”, Tour Operator and travel agency, Latvia

The Executive MBA at SSE Riga has, so far, been one of my most challenging and exciting learning experiences. And the reason for this is very simple: one has, altogether, a proficient and international faculty and a group of classmates made up of experienced and talented executives. And if one is an international executive, that’s the gateway needed for understanding what the Baltic and Eastern European region is all about.

Claudio Rivera
Associate Professor, RTU Riga Business School, Latvia

SSE Riga is a place in which people are inspired to create a new business, to love it and to learn how to do it better than their competitors. It delivers an excellent business education.

Laura Minskere
CEO, co-founder of the PR agency “Mediju tilts”, Latvia 

Nowadays business and economics are becoming ever more important elements in diplomacy. The Executive MBA program was a comprehensive introduction to the ”real” world of business, after having worked for the government for almost 20 years. Many of the business insights and models apply to any organization, including government organizations. In the diplomatic service, you never know what your next posting is going to be. But it is very likely that commercial and economic matters will be an important, possibly major part of my portfolio – and then the lessons and insights gained in the Executive MBA program will be very valuable indeed.

Wicher J. Slagter
Senior Desk Officer at Eastern Europe and Central Asia Division,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands

The Executive MBA at SSE Riga is an excellent investment in time and money. It is a great combination of theory and investigation of real-life scenarios. The knowledge gained can be readily taken back to the business environment. It is a great forum as well – one can learn just as much from classmates as from the professor.

Dmitry Tsymber
Co-Founder, EcoFinance Holding, Latvia

Being in the Executive MBA programme is like finally making all the sense out of the BSc programme material. Every course has some deep insights, and what's more, the moment comes when you understand how all these different courses work together. This is not just a refresher; it takes things to the next level.

Dmitrijs Medvedjko
Leader in Shared Services and IT, Poland

List of SSE Riga Executive MBA alumni (2004-2016)

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