Winning New International Customers

Winning New International Customers

This programme will refresh and update your selling skills, teach you how to vary your sales approach to meet the expectations of your foreign prospects, and enable you to sell successfully in the international arena.


Programme dates:
Winter course 
December 12-13, 2016


Sales training in Europe is still largely based on theories developed in the USA, which assume that what works in the US works everywhere. But as experienced international salespeople know, different cultures require different sales approaches. Moreover, the results of recent research in Psychology and Behavioural Economics have much to tell us about what makes people buy. It’s time to take a fresh look at how best to sell… anywhere.

This is an interactive course. You will practise selling throughout. Sales scenarios will be chosen when we know what countries/regions the participants are interested in. Please come ready to present your company and its products and services.


If you sell your company’s products or services in foreign markets, you need to adapt your sales style to suit those markets. This course is designed to help those in export sales and those who manage regional or international sales teams.

  • The Key Skills – What 12 skills do all effective salespeople have?
  • Selling Abroad – What is different about selling internationally?; How does your sales style compare to norms elsewhere?; Building Successful Customer Relationships; Getting the Sales Communication Right; Moving in Time with your Client; Gaining your Prospective Client’s Trust; Understanding the Buyer’s World-View
  • Getting to “Yes” – What is the only way to close a sale?    
  • Dealing with Stereotypes – How can you turn the buyer’s stereotypical image of your country to your advantage?

Richard Pooley has been selling internationally for over 30 years, especially in the Baltic region, Brazil, Denmark, Japan, Turkey, and the UK. He was Managing Director of the UK-based training company, Canning, until 2012. He now lives in France and continues to do specialist sales, negotiation and cross-cultural skills training around the world (e.g. Engaging with Executives for Schneider Electric’s Global Account Managers in Europe, the USA and Singapore). His book on international negotiation skills – Why Doesn’t He Use a Spoon? – was published in September 2014.


690 EUR + VAT Early bird fee (if payment is made before November 22)
725 EUR + VAT Standard fee

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This course is perfect, if you do not understand why you are hitting the wall with your international counterpart.


Jelena Shashkova,
Import Commercial Manager, MSC Latvia


The programme allows to understand much more about international customers, helps to increase sales in other market.


Marina Melnikova,
Board Member, K-Tehnoloģijas


The programme is very useful for developing a solid basis to avoid unnecessary mistakes when dealing with customers all over the world.


Artjoms Borcovs,
Chairman of the Board, Silvanols


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Santa Zeidaka
EMBA & Executive Education Recruitment Co-ordinator
Phone: +371 67015824 / +371 29682525