Marketing in the Digital Age

The programme will begin by establishing a foundational understanding of digital marketing so that we have a shared perspective as we dig deeper into the concepts. Throughout the two days, we will move from theory to executions, instilling a way to see the world of digital marketing and the skills to practice in this world as well.

Programme dates: TBC, 2018


New technology and the “social web” have made it easier to reach audiences, but more difficult to “break through”. This tension forces marketers to think differently about marketing strategy and adopt a new approach for going to market. This programme aims to arm participates with the perspective they need to thrive in this new world.


This programme is designed for individuals in strategic management positions, including, but not limited to:

  • Brand managers seeking new thinking, proven frameworks, and meaningful approaches
  • Industrial, B2C, and B2B marketers experiencing stagnated results, or with aggressive growth goals
  • General managers and business unit leaders seeking innovative and proven approaches
  • CMOs and senior marketers looking for metrics to demonstrate the true value of each campaign

Day 1

Session 1: Reframing the Landscape

  • Course introduction  
  • Learning goals:
    • Apply meaning to ‘digital'
    • Understand how to apply this meaning to products and services

Session 2: Let’s Talk Social  

  • Learning goals:
    • To understand the role of social media in marketing strategy
    • How social media impacts consumer behaviour
    • How marketers can leverage human dynamics to excite sharing

Session 3: Tapping into Networks

  • Learning goals:
    • Learn how to apply social thinking to brand strategy in an effort to stimulate behavioural adoption
    • Understand how brands tap into contemporary segmentation 

Session 4: Leveraging the Utility of the Network

  • Learning goals:
    • Understand how networks can be used to solve brand challenges
    • Understand an actionable approach to capitalize on the value of the network

Day 2

Session 5: Conditions of the Environment  

  • Learning goals:
    • Understand how the context of our environment has a great impact on behaviour
    • Develop ability to identify environmental conditions that shape network behaviour

Session 6: Publishing for the News Feed

  • Learning goals:
    • Uncover the anatomy of the social media stories we share & brand publishing 
    • Create brand stories that are socially engineered to spread

Session 7: Measuring Success  

  • Learning goals:
    • Understand how social media technology can provide content delivery accuracy

Session 8: Wrap Up

  • Learning goals:
    • Gain an understanding of how social media efforts can be measured 
    • Understand the role of analytics in terms of empirical data vs self-reported data

Marcus Collins is a culturally curious thinker with an academic insight into the cognitive drivers that impact consumer behaviour. He serves as the Chief Consumer Connections Officer at Doner Advertising, a full-serve advertising agency based in Detroit, and is a recipient of Advertising Age's 40 Under 40 (2016). Previously, he led the Social Engagement practice across the New York advertising agency Translation, leveraging the psychological motivators that drive what we do, say, and share in an effort to create contagious marketing programmes that extend across both the online and offline world of “social”. His strategies and creative contributions have led to the success of such brands as Apple, Nike, AB InBev, State Farm, Brooklyn Nets, and Beyoncé.


890 EUR + VAT Early bird fee (if paid by September 16, 2018)
990 EUR + VAT Standard fee

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I love how simple and clear everything is and the dynamism of the speaking style.

Marcus is so engaging and you can’t help to be inspired and motivated. His knowledge is unbelievable and they really challenge your way of thinking so you get the most out of the class. I love his teaching style.

Amazing speaker. Very engaging!

Each of the sessions were amazing and helps you think about the opportunities that are available.

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