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SSE Riga has proven to be a very interesting and challenging place to study! Even though SSE Riga is a relatively small school, each year it hosts 50-60 incoming exchange students.

Exchange studies are one of the most effective ways for young people to learn about new cultures and get life experience by living alone in a country other than their own, with different customs, languages and history. It is an experience that no one can take away; it enriches one’s understanding of the world and very often changes preconceptions about the respective country and the people who live there.

In addition to all this, exchange of knowledge is invaluable in a person’s development – new perspectives, new ways of learning, and new styles of communication will often make a person think more deeply. Altogether, a student exchange is a wonderful opportunity provided by the EU Erasmus+ programme SSE Riga takes part in, or based on bilateral agreements between universities.

There is no tuition fee for incoming exchange students from the universities SSE Riga has an agreement with, whether a bilateral agreement or an Erasmus+ partnership agreement.

Students who decide to come to SSE Riga as free movers (from a university SSE Riga does not have a partnership agreement with) must pay the tuition fee of €3125.00 per semester.

However, all exchange students have to cover other costs, e.g., travel costs, costs for a visa, insurance costs, living expenses (including accommodation), and costs for handouts and printouts.

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Timetable 2017/2018

Fall Semester

from August 21 (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3)

Midterm Break November 20
Christmas Break December 23 - January 2
Spring Semester from January 8
Easter Break March 30 - April 2
Midterm Break May 1 and 4
Graduation June 9
End of Year June 22

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Elective Courses Schedule 2017/2018 (xls) >

Teaching at SSE Riga is very intensive and interactive and an average day involves at least eight hours of work at school (lectures, seminars, assignments, reports). Successful studies require full-time commitment.

Courses from different study years might overlap; consequently, it might not be possible to take several core courses from different study years. Courses usually run for 3-6 weeks and students are assessed continuously. Furthermore, written exams are given in each course.

Application deadlines: April 15 for the fall semester, October 15 for the spring semester

Application process for students

1st step: Students must be nominated by a representative of the home university international office.

2nd step: An application form for exchange students will be sent out after the nomination.

Additional requirements

1. Students must be at least in their 2nd year of studies.
2. Students’ grade average must be at least B according to the ECTS grading system.

Admissions process for students

The application is accepted only when all the required documents are submitted.

The SSE Riga administration will notify candidates by April 30 for the fall semester or October 30 for the spring semester.

SSE Riga maintains the right to reject applicants that do not match the criteria mentioned in the requirements for admission.


SSE Riga has an official cooperation with real estate agency GlobalHome. The agency is run by graduates of SSE Riga and will help you to find the best place where to live in Riga during your studies taking into account best match for location/price/living conditions. More information is available here:

If you are interested in renting an apartment and have any questions, please contact with Artūrs Slišāns or Jānis Stukuls by e-mail: arturs@globalhome.lvor

“Our mission is to provide students with housing opportunities in Riga taking into account best match for location/rent/living quality. So far we have helped students from 30 countries, all continents. See our references.

Our market knowledge covers long term partnership with landlords who are interested to rent out their apartments for time period varying from several weeks to multiple years. And as the market is very dynamic, for today's offers please consult us here and we will find the most appropriate housing options for you. See Our advice section for tips about rental market in Riga.

1. How many bedrooms do you need?
2. When are you arriving (or from/till which date do you need the housing)?
3. For how long time (till which date) do you need the housing?
4. What is your expected budget (including utilities)?”

View the map of our partner universities:


Riga is a relatively small capital, so everything you want is within reach. With eye-opening lectures, SSE Riga shows you how to reach it

Sun Yue Sunny Wong from Finland
HÄMKE University of Applied Sciences

SSE Riga is a wonderful place to develop yourself, accumulate knowledge and experience, expand your worldview, and communicate with friendly people! My unforgettable time in Riga has come to an end but the memories will stay with me for whole my life! Thank you one more time! 

Valeria Vishibaeva from Moldova
T.G. Shevchenko University in Tiraspol 

So far, my exchange experience has been limited to the course Financial Economics. Perhaps I will never be able to fully express my impressions about this course, but it made my stay in Riga one of the most marvellous and challenging periods of my life. In the picture, I am in Mežaparks, trying to realize that all the difficulties are now behind me, and what is left over is immense knowledge of probably the most exciting field of economics, financial economics!

Azar Aliyev from Georgia
ADA University

SSE Riga Grading Explanation

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Fact Sheet for Incoming Students

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If you are interested in the exchange programme, please contact 


Edīte Pauna
Student Affairs & International Co-ordinator