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SSE Riga has proven to be a very interesting place to study! In 2015/2016 SSE Riga hosted 41 incoming exchange students - 29 students in the Fall Semester of 2015 and 12 students in the Spring Semester of 2016.

There is no tuition fee for incoming exchange students. However, exchange students have to cover other costs, e.g., traveling costs, costs for a visa, insurance costs, living expenses, including accommodation, costs for handouts and printouts.

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Exchange Programmes - Erasmus+

The Exchange Programmes at SSE Riga are open to students (in some cases also to faculty and administrators) from partner institutions; students in Erasmus+ Student and Teacher Mobility.

Timetable 2016/2017

Fall Semester from August 22 (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3)
Midterm Break November 18
Christmas Break December 23 - January 3
Spring Semester from January 4
Easter Break April 14 - 17
Midterm Break May 4 - 5
End of Year June 21


Provided that the incoming exchange student has sufficient knowledge, he/she is free to choose between courses in the first, second or third year of the SSE Riga BSc programme. Teaching at SSE Riga is very intensive and interactive and an average day involves at least eight hours of work at school (lectures,seminars, assignment, reports). Successful studies require a full-time commitment.

The courses at SSE Riga run one or two at a time. During the courses, which usually run for 3-6 weeks, students are assessed continuously. Furthermore written exams are given in each course. Exchange students are not allowed to take re-exams.

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Academic performance is evaluated according to a 200-point scale: 0-99=fail; 100-139=pass; 140-159=pass with merit; 160-200=excellent. The school uses the European Credit Transfer (ECTS) system. Hence, the grades are converted to ECTS grades and the work load of the courses is assessed according to ECTS credits, where one full working week at SSE Riga equals 1.5 ECTS credits.



The deadline for application for studies in the spring semester is October 30
For studies starting in the autumn, the deadline is April 30

Each applicant has to submit the following documents:


SSE Riga has an official cooperation with real estate agency GlobalHome. The agency is run by graduates of SSE Riga and will help you to find the best place where to live in Riga during your studies taking into account best match for location/price/living conditions. More information is available here:

If you are interested in renting an apartment and have any questions, please contact with Artūrs Slišāns or Jānis Stukuls by e-mail: or In order to facilitate the housing search, it is suggested to send the following information:

1) When are you arriving (or from which date do you need the housing)?

2) How many bedrooms do you need?

3) For how long time do you need the apartment?

4) Which part of the city do you want the apartment?

5) What is your budget (together)?

6) Do you have any other specifics that we should know of (pets / elevator as a must / floor)?

View the map of our partner universities:

SSE Riga Grading Explanation

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If you are interested in the exchange programme, please contact 


Edīte Pauna
Student Affairs & International Co-ordinator