Tuition Fee


The tuition fee includes all the study materials and access to a wide range of resources to support studies – all the course materials, textbooks, and handouts, a digital Financial Times subscription and other supplies. In addition, SSE Riga provides students with free printing (up to 400 pages a year). The tuition fee does not cover housing and other living expenses. 

Tuition is fixed for all three years and is set at the tuition rate at the time a student enrols in the programme.

SSE Riga's tution fee in the Bachelor programme is EUR 6,250 per year.

However, the ability to attend SSE Riga does not depend on the student's financial situation – more than 90% of SSE Riga students receive significant financial aid.

Please read about the various options of financial aid below.

Tuition fee waivers for students

Tuition fee waivers are available to all students, reducing the tuition fee to EUR 3,900 per year. Candidates apply for waivers as part of the application process. 

Swedish Government Grants for students from Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia

Students from Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, and Georgia are eligible for Swedish Government Grants covering the full tuition fee, housing, etc. However, the Swedish Government Gant recipients can not apply for above mentioned tutiton fee waiver.

Alumni Scholarships

The SSE Riga Alumni Scholarship is an initiative by the alumni community, which is eager to support talented and motivated young people. This year the Alumni Association has awarded 10 scholarships to Year 1 and Year 2 students covering tuition fees for the entire period of studies, and there is an ongoing campaign to raise funds for more merit-based as well as need-based scholarships. Additional information and an application form are available on the e-learning platform at Student Support – Announcements, section “Financial Aid Information”). Application documents should be submitted on the e-learning platform no later than August 25.

Merit-based scholarships

There are one-off merit-based scholarships ranging from EUR 500 to 2,000 awarded based on academic performance. SSE Riga offers merit-based scholarships that are funded by corporate donors. Merit-based award recipients generally distinguish themselves academically and personally within our highly competitive student body. This includes outstanding performance in particular courses and electives as well as notable academic research and entrepreneurial activities.

Latvian State Guaranteed Student Loans

The amount of tuition not covered by financial aid can be financed through loans – students who take out loans typically repay them comfortably within 7 years.

Students from Latvia as well as citizens of other EU countries who have a temporary or permanent Latvian residence permit can apply for a Latvian State Guaranteed Loan. State Guaranteed Loans offer the best terms and flexibility with regard to repayment of the loan. Students can choose between two options: a study loan (to cover the tuition fee) and a student loan (for daily expenses). The maximum amount of a study loan is EUR 1,880 for the year 2016/2017. The student loan for daily expenses amounts to EUR 170.74 per month.

To apply for a State Guaranteed Loan, students need a guarantor – a person who is up to 64 years of age and can prove a minimum monthly income of EUR 370. The guarantor should be able to visit the bank and sign the documents. More information about the terms and conditions is available on the website of the Administration of Studies and Research (Studiju un zinātnes administrācija) at well as on the website of SEB, which manages the State Guaranteed Loans for this academic year, at Currently this information is available only in the Latvian language.

The application form for the Latvian State Guaranteed Loan is available on the e-learning platform at Student Support – Announcements, section “Financial Aid Information”), and the documents should be submitted on the e-learning platform no later than September 25.

Students from Estonia and Lithuania are also encouraged to explore state-supported study loans in their home countries as well as student exchange agreements concluded between their countries and Latvia.

SEB – SSE Riga Loan Programme

In case the state guaranteed loan is not available or if additional borrowing is needed, SSE Riga has a cooperation agreement with AS SEB Banka in Latvia that gives students from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania an opportunity to get a loan from SEB on favorable terms. The loan is guaranteed by SSE Riga, and the maximum amount of the loan is EUR 10,500.

The application form for the SEB loan guaranteed by the School is available in the e-learning platform at (under Student Support – Announcements, section “Financial Aid Information”), and the documents should be submitted onto the e-learning platform no later than September 25.

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