What Our Graduates Say

SSE Riga is an international higher educational institution with an enrolment of about 450 students mainly from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, but also from other parts of Europe.

While promotion is mainly focused on the high level of academics, I believe that SSE Riga teaches a lifestyle that helps one to succeed in a business environment. The SSE Riga community is very small, so that after just a few moments it becomes like a family, and a valuable network afterwards. Time management skills, the international environment, and practical work with companies are experiences I gained here, but the most important is that SSE Riga gave me the courage to challenge these skills again and again.

Sabīne Sipunova / Latvia

I feel great, to be honest, when there are so many smart and cool people around as it makes life at school and beyond more vivid and enjoyable.

 Igors Pašuks / Latvia

Well, being a part of the SSE Riga community is an awesome thing. Everyday life consists not only of working hard but also of lots of fun as the days pass by as fast as the wind. I simply like going to school, getting an outstanding education and having a good time.

Jānis Latkovskis / Latvia

SSE Riga simply gives the feeling of home. Besides being an excellent study experience, you are a part of a one-of-a kind community for the rest of your life.

Anna Brūna / Latvia

SSE Riga is filled with so many activities that I want to do and want to try to do that in the end I feel very sleep-deprived. However, every day I learn a lot of new things and I feel as if I'm getting smarter not by the day, but by the hour.

Kestutis Tyla / Lithuania

At SSE Riga you feel like you're growing up every single moment, you always have your responsibilities and you always have a chance to feel special about everything you do and proud about the person you’ve become.

Tatiana Arventi / Moldova

SSE Riga is a place which, after few weeks, becomes like home. In a split second you can find a lot of new friends with whom you can both party hard and study hard with in the same day.

Madis Sulg / Estonia

It's an excellent place to nurture your mind. Moreover it is an excellent place to meet new people and develop new skills. In addition, it gives you a good starting point for working in business.

Mārtiņš Rungainis / Latvia

SSE Riga feels like home to me but better - I study there, eat there, sleep there, spend most of my time there, but for a good reason - friends and opportunities!

Jānis Zariņš / Latvia

SSE Riga is perfect in every sense. It combines hard work, excellent parties and great people. Every aspect of this fulfilling education and social life gives you a great starting point for your career.

Inga Jerzjukova / Latvia

It’s old wisdom: surround yourself with people smarter than yourself. SSE Riga is the perfect place to do that. Inspire others and be inspired!

Erko Risthein / Estonia

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