BSc in Economics and Business

BSc in Economics and Business

The BSc programme provides a broad education in economics and business administration, with opportunities for specialization in the final year in the following areas: Economics, Finance and Retail.

Quick Facts

Three-year full-time programme
130 students admitted every year
English as the language of instruction 
Absolute majority of the faculty are top-level lecturers representing Latvia, Sweden, USA, Germany, Australia, Denmark and other countries worldwide
Modular system; only one or two courses at a time
Two internships, 4-8 weeks
Specialization options: Economics, Finance, Retail
Accredited by the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science
Diploma of Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics
Application deadline is April 8, 2017; academic year begins on mid-August  study year starts 20


The BSc in Economics and Business is designed as a three-year programme consisting of six semesters. Education in economics and business is combined with entrepreneurial experiences. The programme covers such areas as economics, finance, accounting, management, organisational behavior, and strategy. A range of elective courses is offered in social sciences, humanities and in topics of general interest.

The international environment formed by lecturers and students from different countries, with English as the language of instruction, adds to students’ academic, professional, social and personal development.

The primary teaching method at SSE Riga is very intensive and interactive, and involves lectures, seminars, case-studies, assignments, project work and internships. Written examinations are given in each course. The programme uses the ECTS credit system, which is an internationally recognized standard.


What happens after the diploma?

After three years students are qualified for work in state institutions, accounting, tax and consulting firms, banks and financial institutions, information technology, advertising and marketing companies, wholesale, retail and manufacturing companies as well as educational institutions.

  • SSE Riga alumni pursue their master’s studies in more than 115 universities all over the world; while a small fraction continue graduate studies right after graduation from SSE Riga, the majority opt for graduate studies after 3-5 years of work experience;
  • SSE Riga alumni are currently building successful careers in different companies in more than 60 countries;
  • 25% of alumni own a business or are self-employed.







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With all the skills and knowledge gained at SSE Riga graduates can work pretty much anywhere since market economy, business knowledge and structured thinking are in permanent demand and can be used in any context.

Martin Kuusmaa
Estonia, Class of 2008

Have a strong wish to gain the best higher education possible in the Baltic countries, think about your future opportunities and believe that these will be the best three years of your life.

Iveta Endziņa
Latvia, Class of 2004

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