Pooley Richard

Position : Lecturer. EMBA Course: Management- Cross Culture
Unit: Visiting Faculty
E-mail office@sseriga.edu

Richard is British. He was brought up in Venezuela, Qatar, Zambia and the UK, before working as a volunteer teacher in Botswana in the early 1970s and spending 6 months in Kenya. After university he worked for 4 years at the UK’s Ministry of Overseas Development, including a brief period at the United Nations in New York. 

In 1978 he joined Canning, a management and language training company in the UK, where he pioneered the development and delivery of their presentation, negotiation and cross-cultural skills courses and consultancy service in the 1980s. He also worked in Canning’s Milan office for 8 months and was General Manager of the Tokyo office for over 2 years in the early 1990s. He has returned to East Asia more than 40 times since then. He has coached and trained senior managers from major international companies in over 30 countries on 5 continents. At various stages since 1986 Richard was responsible for Canning’s sales in the UK, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Denmark, Turkey, Latvia and Estonia.

Richard became a partner of Canning in 1995 and Managing Director in 2005, leading the company to 100% employee-ownership in 2009. He retired from Canning in August 2012. He continues to do specialist training and consultancy - in 2014 in France, Latvia, the UK and Singapore. He has contributed to 3 books on cross-cultural communication and negotiation, and recently co-authored “Why Doesn’t He Use a Spoon? – A Practical Guide to International Business Negotiation”, published by Hans Reitzels Forlag of Denmark in September 2014.           

Richard is a director of Conan Doyle Estate Ltd., which manages the Doyle family’s copyright and trademark interests – e.g. Sherlock Holmes - in the USA.

He moved from the UK to France in March 2013 and, together with his wife, has just set up an export marketing service for local companiesunder the banner: Say it Well, Do it Better.

Pooley Richard